Strategy & Implementation

Getting Started

My marketing campaigns have generated over 1 million leads and over $300 million in new business revenue. My campaigns today continue to generate over $30 million annually for Arizona business owners. These marketing tactics and business growth strategies can be implemented into your business too. 

Marketing Services

Together we'll streamline processes for planning, negotiating, and purchasing marketing services that will grow your business. I use a cost-effective approach that will reach your target market and audiences. My tactics quickly identify the top performing sources and weed out low performers. 

Campaign Management

The marketing & lead gen industry is a super speedy, needy, and should have been done yesterday kind of place. I operate with urgency to meet the needs of your business and those that help us generate revenue.  

Customer Service 

Customer service needs to be a huge part of any business relationship. I treat these relationships with the utmost importance. Prompt, understanding, friendly, and smart execution is how I operate.

Business Operations

Together we'll continually define the strengths and weaknesses of your business. No detail goes unnoticed. We'll use smart decision making and reallocation of profits to determine best plan of attack moving forward at all times.

Continued Growth & Experimentation

No business owner should ever allow their business to remain stagnant. Knowing the difference between trying something new and disrupting procedures that already work beautifully is critical to maintaining long term success. I will show you how to take calculated risks and cut bad decisions quickly before any harm is done.

Strategy & Implementation