Business Consulting & Coaching

Qualified Lead Generation

Want to learn which lead generation protocols I use to generate 100's of qualified leads per day? 

My specialty is implementing web marketing strategies that result in qualified lead generation. Together we will identify, implement and optimize lead gen sources best for your business. 

Web Design Optimization

I use proven website optimization techniques to increase your lead conversions. A website can be your strongest lead generator and your most natural form of marketing. Great websites convert visitors effortlessly. Providing more user-satisfaction is a simple way to drive more customer referrals. 

(SEO) Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is more important than ever and it is necessary to understand the true meaning of SEO as well as the potential it creates for your business. Search engines serve millions of peoples per day looking for answers to their questions. 40-50% of my business is a result of good SEO. 

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Facebook and Instagram are two of the most popular social media platforms. Learning how to leverage them for lead gen and branding should be a priority.  Video ads and image ads are very effective when blended together. I'll teach you how to do it right!

(PPC) Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per click marketing is the most practical form of online paid advertising. You only pay when an interested person clicks your ad, you set your budget, and you control the costs. The ultimate ninja marketing move is understanding how to re-target your consumers at the right time with the right ad. 

Social Media Management

Social media is transforming brand management and its very exciting when you know what you're doing. Business owners will never be able to control how consumers engage with these media platforms - but smart businesses use social media to influence the behavior of their employees and their potential customers. 

Content Writing for Your Business

Recent studies show that human beings have fallen below gold fish on the attention span depth chart. The average reader spends less than 8 seconds reading a piece of content. Creating engaging, valuable content that converts your audience into prospects is vital. 

I'll teach you how to blend text, video, images and info-graphics into content that readers and search engines love!

Branding, Viral & Guerrilla Marketing

Go Guerrilla! I'll teach you unorthodox ways to market your brand that makes your business unforgettable. Inexpensive, small scale and non-traditional marketing tactics can be extremely effective. I'll show you new ways of promoting your brand that could potentially go viral.

Sales Team Recruiting & Training

I'll teach you both traditional and non-traditional ways to strategically grow your sales team. I use scale-able techniques to recruit and train new sales team members. Sales team recruiting can double as marketing strategy when implemented correctly. I'll show you growth hacks to maximize the retention. 

Referral Programs & Customer Rewards

I'll teach you how to modify and implement proven referral programs. Finding the right method to acquire new, valuable customers through referral programs is hard work. I'll show you the growth hacks I use to drive down lead acquisition costs using referral programs and customer rewards.

Appointment Setting

Sales and prospecting can be a grueling process for any company.  Appointment setting is an art that can significantly increase your sales closing percentage. I'll teach you several appointment setting tactics that will reduce cancellations and increase sales. 

Cold Calling & Direct Message Reach Out

I'll teach you how to effectively cold call prospects and send direct messages with social media tools that generate free leads. The art of cold calling is changing. Say goodbye to call centers and hello to social media influencers.