About Jason Valasek

Born in Omaha Nebraska | 1978

Loving sports I learned early in life how critical developing good habits would be. The love for sports and fast changing weather conditions forced me to develop good habits and discipline at an early age.

High-Tech Institute College Phoenix Arizona | 1999

After a short baseball career at a junior college in Kansas I relocated to Arizona to attend tech school for computer science and information technology.

First Job Working for an Entrepreneur | 2000

This was the first time I saw what real income looked like. I watched this very special entrepreneur earn $1.6 million dollars in 12 months. I was instantly hooked and knew then I wanted to be an entrepreneur.

My First Entrepreneur Venture | 2002

My 2nd business mentor offered me partnership to open a retail flooring business in San Diego California. From this experience I learned how to boot strap marketing ideas and generate over a million dollars.

My First Online Business | 2007

I pivoted my retail flooring store into an online flooring brokerage. I collected a broker fee for connecting home owners, contractors and suppliers. I made money with zero operational cost.

Learned How to Hire Overseas Support | 2009

This was my first time learning how to help others grow their business. Through this experience I learned how to manage overseas support using online sources. This was the venture that lead me to my most valuable experiences in business.

Working for a Master Mind Business Entrepreneur | 2010

This is when the hard work and my failures finally started to pay me back. The business skills I had been developing over the last 8 years made me the perfect fit for this venture. I had business experience, marketing experience, and experience creating revenue with the internet.

Re-launch of My Online Marketing Career | 2013

Working for a methodical genius gave me the confidence to pivot, re-brand and re-launch my own marketing company. This experience taught me the value of subscription revenue, investing in myself, investing in others and patience. 

I'm an Entrepreneur | 2018 Present Day

Today I have a real business, not a job. Many entrepreneurs confuse creating their own job for a business. My business has a personality of its own. My business operates with procedures and staff that create growth with or without me.

Turning Bad Luck into Good Luck

Over my career I've failed more times than I care to remember. When you're young failing is a terrible feeling. As you become older and more mature you learn to embrace your failures and look at them as learning opportunities.

I was Lucky

I was very fortunate and even more lucky to have 3 amazing business mentors throughout my early days of entrepreneurism. Through the collective knowledge of 3 mentors I learned how start, manage, and grow businesses that create millions of dollars per year.

Over $300 Million Dollars in Revenue

As a result of my business mentorships I've personally helped generate several hundred million dollars in new business revenue. Through a collection of real life experiences and over 2 decades of trial and error I am an expert resource for qualified lead generation.

Real Life Experience

My advantage is my real life personal experiences. I was very fortunate to inherit large marketing budgets multiple times throughout my career. Exposure to insanely high levels of marketing spends offers insight most marketers don't get to see.

Boot Strapping

Early in my entrepreneur ventures I often had to boot strap new ideas as marketing budgets were not available to me. When you're forced to spend your own money or come up with money you don't have, creativity skills have a clever way of developing. You quickly learn how to operate with pristine accuracy and urgency.

Blended Experiences

Having experienced both boot strapped marketing budgets and what felt like unlimited marketing budgets has given me incredible insight. The blended experiences have taught me how to maximize every dollar and every opportunity.

Over 20 Years & 20,000 Hours of Labor

My experience in qualified lead generation includes over several thousand hours of my time. Through the investment of my time I've acquired the knowledge, resources and relationships to offer my experience to others.

Want Help Growing Your Business

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